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When I was 18 and in college I met a man who stole my heart. He was kind and affectionate, handsome and hard working. But he also had a dark side. Something that ended up shaping me to be exactly who I was supposed to be. He had a drinking problem and when he would drink hard alcohol he would turn into a different human...

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Film, film film…. Mmm film is just magic. It’s magic. That’s really the only way to describe it. It is the most unforgiving, forgiving form of photography if that makes any sense haha. It does wonders for skin; smoothing and brightening, you get epic mistakes and you learn how to create light leaks and streaks […]



Bring on the chaos. If there is one thing I want you to know about me and family sessions, it’s to not worry about how your children are acting that day. If they are grumpy or sad we can work with it, heck more snuggles for Dad. If they are wild and crazy I will […]



Ahhh my couples. No matter how you identify, I am here to capture the moments. All the lusty, passionate, dreamy, soft, masculine, vulnerable, messy, beautiful moments. Also, I think a lot of people might think they have to get naked when they shoot with me haha, this is not the case. I just encourage the […]



Nothing gets me sitting on the edge of my seat more than a rad wedding or elopement inquiry. I love discussing the day with my clients. The colours, the decor, the venue. Gimme all the juice.  If you’d like I’ll also offer up my advice on the location or direction of your ceremony and/or the […]


Til Death

I’ve worked with all kinds of brands thus far in my life. Jewelry, fashion, candles, pottery, oils etc. My strengths are definitely in capturing the vibe of your brand more than static stock images but I am confident I can supply you with a variety. Let’s get creative and make a mood board of magic. […]



You’ll always find me with a camera in my hand. Lately my Nikon film with a 28mm lens. I will be adding many of these to my print shop soon! Your Narrative blog will appear here, click preview to see it live.For any issues click here Your Narrative blog will appear here, click preview to […]

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Okanagan to Camp on film.

“You gotta love like there’s no such thing as a broken heart. “ Old Dominion Your Narrative blog will appear here, click preview to see it live.For any issues click here Your Narrative blog will appear here, click preview to see it live.For any issues click here


Brit + Braeden

This was the day these two found out they were pregnant. Keeping a little secret to themselves, their joy was infectious. A day and a shoot they will cherish forever. Not long after they experienced a miscarriage. I can only image the pain they have been feeling over these last couple weeks. They have been […]


Lacey + Jordan

I recently got an underwater film camera and wanted to try it out. I also owed Ruthy a shoot in exchange for a gorgeous linen top she made me. So, we spent a couple hours having fun and documenting real life at their house. My favourites are the last ones when the girls had a […]


Ruth, LP, Elodie + Anouk

If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint. -Edward Hopper I purchased this casting clay to use specifically for women who are going through breast cancer and have to get a mastectomy or double mastectomy. I wanted them to be able to have a keep sake of their breasts. […]

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