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When I was 18 and in college I met a man who stole my heart. He was kind and affectionate, handsome and hard working. But he also had a dark side. Something that ended up shaping me to be exactly who I was supposed to be. He had a drinking problem and when he would drink hard alcohol he would turn into a different human...

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This session is for you and only you. This is NOT a boudoir session when the end goal is to make someone else happy. This is to make YOU happy and if you choose to share them with others then that is your decision. But what I want to see is you leaving with your […]



“I believe in the art. I believe in empowering women and lifting each other up rather than knocking each other down. I think what you’re doing is amazing and helps to connect women and everyone really. It’s something that I would love to be a part of.As a photographer myself, The artistry completely speaks to […]

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Kristal- Flower Project

Where to begin… last year my life completely changed. I shot my first set of nude self portraits in my friend’s bedroom and posted them online for the world to see. After receiving more likes, comments and shares then I had ever gotten on a photograph before I felt uplifted, inspired, liberated and confident. It […]

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Censored Women

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