"The Good People"

It's the stillness that awakens you.

It's the stillness that awakens you.

It's the stillness that awakens you.





When I’m here I am all knowing. I understand the purpose of life. What we are meant for. It’s this. To sit in content. Filled with joy and peace. To forget about anything and everything outside this moment. 

Just breathe. In. And out. And listen to the beauty that surrounds you.


Most definitely we just need to know in
advance so we have the appropriate groceries.

Yes, your guide will teach you about the native
plants and what you can & cannot eat.

Yes, Denetiah has full plumbing. Toilets, showers & giant bath tubs with sky lights above them.

Rainbow trout & yes they are so abundant
you could probably catch one with your toothbrush haha.

50 lbs per person
& a carry on, just like commercial airlines.

Exceptions can be made depending on the amount of people and trips.

No, the water in Denetiah is some of the freshest/cleanest
water you will ever drink.

Yes, you will have a personal guide.

Yes, there are many in the area but if you respect them they usually respect you.

You will never be left alone or in a situation where you would have to worry.

Both will eat out of your hand if you have the patience.

Will someone always be with me?

Are there eatable berries around we could pick?

What kind of fish are in the lake & can we eat them?

Can we feed the Whiskey Jacks & Chipmunks?

Do we bring our own drinking water?

If I have food allergies can the chef work around that?

Are there flushing toilets?

How much can we pack for the airplane?

Do we have to be careful of Grizzly Bears?










One of my favourite evening meditations is to re-watch the scoop highlight I made on my IG. The sounds and beautiful moments hit the core of my heart every time. If I close my eyes I’m back on that porch, in that peace.
- Jackie

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