PS: If you need help with wardrobe, I LOVE helping, also have a client wardrobe you can borrow from as well as some rentals available.

Thanks for trusting me.

As far as nerves before the shoot go. For one, you shouldn’t have any. I swear I am the most chill human and I won’t leave you sitting somewhere awkwardly…for too long haha. But I am totally fine with you having a little cocktail before your session or shot of whiskey to pipe ya up if that’s your thing, heck I might even join you. But I promise to always give you direction and encouragement.

Might even crack a dad joke… “who can drink a gallon of gas?” “Jerry can! …” 
If you have a smile on your face by now then we are each other’s kinda people and I have no doubt in my mind that we will create epic magic together. 

“It was so nice to see you work your magic today. We really appreciate how lovely and easy you made the shoot!”

- Bler Rusha 

If there’s one tip I can leave you with it’s choose your photographer with your heart not your wallet. These aren’t just photos they are memories and they are worth you investing in.


I have spent a decade professionally capturing people and what I’ve learnt is; I am not the type to gravitate to any sort of style or pose. I create from your energy. I capture what I feel. What needs to be seen. 

I love spending time with my clients, not just coming in, firing off shots and running back to my car. I want to get to know what makes you, you. Let’s have a coffee and chat or spend some time exploring before we shoot. It’s extremely seldom that I get a client I don’t want to be best friends with after and hopefully vs versa. Bring on the hugs!


What is your turn around time?

 I try to be as fast as possible. Sometimes you have them within 24 hours, other times it can be a month or two… Just depends on my schedule. If you booked it with a date you needed the images delivered by and I agreed then that is when you would get them. I am a one woman show and I will always do my very best to make you happy and stay true to my word. I would say the average is a week or two. 

Where can I print my photos?

You can use my print shop attached to my gallery viewing site. It is fully loaded with printing, framing, cards etc and there are frequent discount codes sent out. 

Can I fly you anywhere around the world?

A couple times a year I do yes. I often do them sometime around fall/Christmas and spring/Mother’s Day. Sometimes I do special sets; for example, I did a retro playboy set for Valentine’s Day in 2022. 

Can I edit over top of my images to match my Instagram feed?

No you may not. If this has been discussed beforehand I may be able to edit to match your feed or if you are wanting a colour image turned black and white I can re edit for you.

How long is a session?

My sessions range from 45 minutes to an hour for once location but I am trying to change things up and go on more adventures with my clients and in that spend more time together and document and capture throughout that experience.

How many photos come with my session?

Depends on the package. I might have a promo on for 15 images, regular ones are 40 images, but elopements and weddings are different. I also offer custom packages.

Do you take a deposit?

I require a 40% non-refundable deposit at the time of booking. If something were to happen where I cannot shoot on the date discussed and couldn’t find you a backup or someone you liked to replace me I would refund the money. In some situations, I will roll the money forward to apply to another session depending on circumstances.

What happens if the weather is awful the day of our outside shoot?

I always try to get my clients to embrace what we are given. I think it's a super fun way to get creative, unique shots but if it's just not what you were envisioning we can reschedule.

What do I wear?

Be yourself first and foremost. The only rules I really have with this one is no clothing brand names like Nike etc unless we are doing a brand shoot where that makes sense. No neons, again unless we are doing a tight and bright shoot hahah.

Some tips: be aware of your nails, are they clipped, manicured etc. I also have a large client wardrobe and a rental page on insta called @trinasrentals. Dress for the season, use nature to guide you into a colour palette and if you have any questions I LOVE fashion and can help. 

Do you offer mini sessions or discount sessions?

Do you keep our images?

Yes, I invest butt loads of time and money into storing your images on hard drives and back-ups online in case of an emergency where you lose your images. I currently charge a $50 re-upload fee. I got you ;)

Of course, just pay for my travel fees, food, accommodation etc on top of our session and I AM ALL YOURS! I will often try to get other bookings in the area as well to try to minimize costs for you or even use some of my airline credits for flights.

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