Off grid. Off road. Very nearly off the map.

Welcome to Denetiah. 


Denetiah is kind of like going back in time, there are no roads, no tv, no internet. The only way into the lodge is to fly via floatplane. My family is fortunate enough to have the privilege of this land in our area.

We operate in a total of 2.2 million acres in Northern British Columbia. This region is called the Muskwa Ketchika and the name Denetiah is derived from the Kaska people, meaning “good people” and officially became a park in 1999. 

Constructing this new lodge was nothing less than monumental. You have to understand the logistics.

We are approximately 130 miles from the nearest town and everything comes by floatplane.

We started the ground excavation in 2019, poured 26 meters of concrete.

The gravel came from several 100 yards away and was hand shoveled load by load to be mixed.

We flew in a sawmill and milled dead standing trees around the lake, approximately 26,000 board feet of wood.

One tree took three days to get from where it was cut to where it was milled to where it was then lifted straight up into the air, all manually by the power of men and teamwork.

A 30-foot hand stone mason fireplace in the center of the main lodge. Each rock was hand-picked 2 miles down the lake, put in pails into a boat and brought back to the site. Trip after trip until they had enough.  

Over the last four years our crew have helped us create this masterpiece. 

Something that started
 as simple log cabins has
now been expanded into this
luxurious 5-star lodge.

Always being mindful of the
 land and habit that surrounds this oasis we did not increase
the footprint only increased
the height.

There are three sleeping cabins and a main lodge. Comfortably accommodating
4-5 couples.  



I’m not sure I have words
 to explain this place… 

It’s not like anywhere else
I’ve ever been.  There’s a feeling
of stillness and surrender.

An insignificance of humanity.

You are the only few of your kind surrounded by complete and total wild. The neighbours here are the moose and goats. The whiskey jacks and chipmunks are the ones that come for the most visits.
The air is so pure it takes
 your body time to adjust.  

Here is where I want you to come.
This is a place for beginnings.
 For pure hearts.

To be witnessed and blessed
by this earth and none other. 
It’s the stillness that awakens you. 


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