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When I was 18 and in college I met a man who stole my heart. He was kind and affectionate, handsome and hard working. But he also had a dark side. Something that ended up shaping me to be exactly who I was supposed to be. He had a drinking problem and when he would drink hard alcohol he would turn into a different human...

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Discover everything you need to know about family photography in our easy family photography guide and learn why Trina Cary Photography stands out.

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Sarah and Her Littles: A Family Photography Guide

A sacred virtual family shoot showcasing the magical connection between parents and their children

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Virtual Family Session | Newborn Magic

I personally think this is the genre I am most known for. It is something I crave to capture. Since I was young my mom used to lose me in grocery stores because someone the aisle over would have a baby I wanted to cuddle. My sister told me I had to live next door […]

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These sessions will blow your mind every time. We can shoot virtually through our phones!!! Anywhere in the world. Any type of phone. There is now an app that helps me control not only your shutter button but also the exposure and focus. I can also shoot video clips and the images are saved in […]

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Bring on the chaos. If there is one thing I want you to know about me and family sessions, it’s to not worry about how your children are acting that day. If they are grumpy or sad we can work with it, heck more snuggles for Dad. If they are wild and crazy I will […]



I recently got an underwater film camera and wanted to try it out. I also owed Ruthy a shoot in exchange for a gorgeous linen top she made me. So, we spent a couple hours having fun and documenting real life at their house. My favourites are the last ones when the girls had a […]


Ruth, LP, Elodie + Anouk

Nestled in a small Albertan town Kristen is the maker of Luna Goods and the mother to three. She raises her children in a home full of conscious choices, ethical items, strong family values and endless creativity. She is the maker of leather goods, a free spirit and constant adventurer. I have been swooning over […]

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Luna Goods

Talk about full circle… maybe too much info for some hahah but I feel like there’s a power in the bleed. I started my trip to the island on the last day of my period and drove off the ferry straight to Courtney and Caleb’s house to photograph the birth of Ziggy and then on […]

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Caleb, Courtney, Leo + Ziggy

MOTHERHOOD GOES LIKE THIS:   You want to speed it up and slow it down. You want them to be grown ups and babies at the same time. The things that drive you insane are the things you know you’ll miss the most. You want a break but you miss them on the break. You […]


Bri + Molly

My cousin had a baby and I’m struggling with the fact that I’m not technically allowed to be called an Auntie… because he’s actually my third cousin… my Dad’s sisters, daughters, son. But…. fuck the rules right. Either way I LOVE this little man. I mean look at those smiles!!! And yes, he got out […]


Ash, Cody + Rett

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