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When I was 18 and in college I met a man who stole my heart. He was kind and affectionate, handsome and hard working. But he also had a dark side. Something that ended up shaping me to be exactly who I was supposed to be. He had a drinking problem and when he would drink hard alcohol he would turn into a different human...

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This candid wedding photography collection is from a dreamy and intimate destination wedding I shot in New Zealand. By Trina Cary Photography.

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Joyful New Zealand Destination Wedding

There is much beauty in being human.  Conscious thoughts and the gift of free will.  Free will means that we can create the lives that we desire. Go to the places that we choose to go to. Taste the foods that we choose to taste. Explore the things that we choose to explore. Choose. Free […]


Naomi + Nawaf’s Celebration of Love

One word to chalk this up- FUN Make sure to read their interview before… ugh such real, beautiful, powerful humans. Why would you like to be a part of this project? I’ve done two body positivity shoots with Kayla Logan and it’s made me much more aware of my body. I’ve worked for years to […]


Group Flower Project – Plus Size

One of the most beautiful ethical clothing lounge brands out there. Based in the United States. Sooooo comfy. I just ordered my second set. We did this group breastfeeding session in Austria with all the mums and babies pimped out in their brand. Check them out >>> they actually did a story on this […]


Arq in Austria

Here we are again. I feel like it was just yesterday I was in their apartment in New York doing maternity photos and now its a world pandemic and we are doing virtual newborn sessions… How fast life can change. But look at how cute Charlotte is! That hair and that little face. I hope […]


Karen + Charlotte Peppa

This morning I woke up at 6:30 am to photograph a family I have been sooooo in love with for years in England. Didn’t even have to wash my face to capture this session virtually. “On my skin you will see the scars of my tribe & the stories of my growth.” -Stacey Kassandra, Luna-Bel, […]


“On my skin you will see the scars of my tribe & the stories of my growth.” -Stacey Kassandra

This is what Covid-19 will do… force people to be innovative and come up with new ideas. This one though I wish was my own idea, was not but I am so on board with FaceTime photoshoots! Your Narrative blog will appear here, click preview to see it live.For any issues click here


Kati Moore’s FaceTime Photo-shoot

You heard it right, I shot this session over FaceTime you guys! Phoebe and her littles live in Cape Town, South Africa and we facetimed one another and I snapped pics!! I am totally addicted and wow does this ever open up a whole new world of photoshoot opportunities. This means I can photograph ANYONE, […]


Phoebe, Finley + Sandy’s Virtual Family Shoot

I remember when I first came across Steffi’s page. I was awe struck. She is probably one of the craftiest people I have ever met! Check out her instagram ape.41. Always re-designing her home and Liz’s room. I love in home sessions because you get to really see who people are in their little safe […]


Steffi + Liz, St. Gallen, Switzerland

June 16th – June 23rd. This is the itinerary I made up. I was working around a wedding otherwise we for sure would have gone down to Dingle as well. Ireland is a fairly small country so you can cover some ground if you’re trying but if you want to soak up all the history […]



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