August 20, 2020

A macrame artist by trade a Mother by day. 

When I started this business I did it for myself. I did it out of necessity, I was drowning in my duties of motherhood. I felt like I was treading water and gulping in mouthfuls, I needed to breathe. I needed an outlet for my blocked creativity that was hiding under mounds of laundry and unwashed dishes. I needed a place for these untold stories that were being tucked into neatly made beds and getting lost under carelessly strewn toys. 

This was going to be just mine, an image I could share with the world that wasn’t attached to motherhood, something that wasn’t for my kids but for me. But as the business developed I realized that was impossible, my children are me. They are in every single knot I tie. There is no untangling myself from my role of mother, for being a mother is what has made me whole. Now my business is all about my daughters. I create so I can stay home with them, while making a little extra to help pay for their gymnastics and doll collection. They are a part of everything I create, tiny hands unraveling rope, an accidental snip with moms sckissors making a creative masterpiece. This business, my art, my expression, is all me and in that it is my children as well. - @sea_and_weave


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