August 24, 2020

Motherhood is something I wish for every woman. To feel the power of creation and a love like no other. Growing as your own human while growing another life. 

Your physical and mental health are changing, for obvious reasons, that you have no control over. You may not know how you’re supposed to have enough room in your heart for all of the love that is coming. You also may not have a single outfit that you feel yourself in or even feel like getting out of bed. That is all okay & 100% natural. 

I wish for every woman experiencing pregnancy to fully connect within themselves, with their growing babe and with the nature around them. Because deep down, we were meant for this. Motherhood is in our hearts and we have to truly embrace every ounce of it. 

So sit outside in the sun while your tiny human dances around inside & remind yourself how amazing you & your body is. How amazing life is. And don’t forget to always support all the mamas. We need it.



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