I want so badly to be able to explain all the love I have for you. Not the love of butterflies and stomach knott, but the blurring of self and the entanglement with another soul, your soul. Love is a word that is much too soft and used far too often to ever describe the fierce, infinite and blazing passion that I have in my heart for you. The word love doesn’t even begin to describe what feelings I have for you.

What I do know how to describe is how lucky I feel to have met you 

How blessed I feel every day to be able to wake up to you

How grateful I feel to be able to love you 

How happy you make me, even on our hardest days

You have taught me how to live

How to have fun

How to find joy 

How to be a good partner 

How to be a good person 

How to be fully myself 

You have given me and the kids a second chance at life

And there has never been a day that I have not been grateful for you and the life you and I have built. 

And so, I promise to always see you with the same eyes and the same heart that I see you with at this exact moment. Today I promise to honor you and respect you, support you and encourage you. I promise to dream with you, celebrate with you, and walk beside you through whatever life brings. I promise to pester you and be sarcastic, and try my hardest to take your sarcasm. I promise to laugh with you and comfort you during times of joy and times of sorrow. I promise to always pursue you, to fight for you, and love you unconditionally and wholeheartedly for the rest of my life.



My love, my other half, my... cheese ball. I may not always have the right words to say at times and for that I’m sorry. But what I lack in words I make up in action. I vow to you on this day that I will also be making myself the best version of me because it is what you deserve. I will stand by your side no matter the weather. I’ve got you before this day and I’ll continue to have you until one of ours final day comes. Even than I’ll forever hold you inside my soul. I pledge an oath to you that you will be safe to be your truest self with me, I want to continue to see the amazing that lives inside of you to keep pouring out and shows the world your beauty and worth... which is on a scale of its own. You, to me, are the earth which I am so grateful to walk upon, the air I’m fortunate to breath, the light that guides this earth through its days, and the darkness when rest is needed. All things that I can’t do without. I will never take you for granted and I will cherish you for the rest of my days on this earth and whatever lies beyond. So, from this day forward I Duffy Charles Kennedy Baker will Always be here for you and our kids. Always! My love, All that is me, loves you.


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