December 14, 2020
We talk about falling in love like it only happens once, when you meet and get to know someone. In reality, we can fall in love with the same people over and over.

I have fallen in love with my husband too many times to count. Ten years later, many versions of myself later, and I love him more. More than when we first met, when we travelled, when we had our first child, then our second, then when we were married.

I loved him the moment I met him. I loved him more every time I saw him, and I wanted him more every time I saw him.
Love isn’t what we make it seem to be. Love is the driver. Love rules all. Love isn’t hard, but relationships are. Learning to love a person through all of their stages takes time and commitment.
Our relationship has been dragged through dirt, dusty, and unsettled. Dark and motionless. But the flame never fully went out. The flame was fuelled by our love. Even when we didn’t want to love each other, we did. When we were reunited, there was an explosion of energy. A pull and draw like I had never felt before. We forgot about our past in that moment and were inseparable. We stayed up all night, tangled together, until the sun rose.

That was only the beginning.

As the years of our lives passed, we changed. I changed. I grew. I worried that I was outgrowing my husband. But I just knew we would be fine, because of how truly and purely I love him. We found balance in communication. When he knew of my concern, I saw him immediately open his mind. I am so grateful for his responsiveness.
Now, we make time for each other, we make time for ourselves. We hired a nanny, and we ask grandparents to take the kids overnight every once in a while. We go on spontaneous adventures and make love in random places in nature. We role play, we dance, we laugh so so much. Joy fuels our love.
Falling in love with my husband is my most favourite hobby.

-Hayley + Graeme


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