These sessions will blow your mind every time. We can shoot virtually through our phones!!! Anywhere in the world. Any type of phone. There is now an app that helps me control not only your shutter button but also the exposure and focus. I can also shoot video clips and the images are saved in high resolution so you can print them. I will ask you a series of questions before our session, for example, I will need videos of your home in natural light or the location outside you’d like to shoot, what time zone you live in, and if you have a tripod that can help us along (if not we can get creative). 

 I’ve had so much fun photographing people virtually over the last year and a half. There are a bazillion ways to get creative shots and for some this is a better way to capture them if they have a shy child or pet that doesn’t do well with strangers. But the main benefit here is we don’t need to be in the same location to capture beautiful images together and I can continue to document moments in your life I would usually miss. 


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