I personally think this is the genre I am most known for. It is something I crave to capture. Since I was young my mom used to lose me in grocery stores because someone the aisle over would have a baby I wanted to cuddle. My sister told me I had to live next door so when she had hers they could be raised by me until they could walk and eat on their own haha. I love children! All children, all ages. I love their personalities, their little hands, their drool and wild hair and I love that they lived inside their mother’s, some even leaving trails of tiger strips and loose skin.


I adore photographing women in their rawest form. What the human body can do is just incredible and deserves constant praise and adornment. I’ve always been incredibly moved by the vulnerability of the women that sit in front of my lens; their postpartum emotions leaking out of them like breast milk. I look just as forward to getting to meet and hold their littles and share a cup of tea with the mother as I do creating the art and story. 


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