Flying into Denetiah it feels like you are stepping back in time. Traveling to somewhere completely remote
and untouched. However upon landing and walking up to
the structures you are met with such incredible luxury, with
no detail spared. From the hand picked rocks from the
property used to crafted fireplace to the floor to ceiling
widows which has you questioning how on earth did they
get all these supplies here.
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A week after our wedding Jordan asked
when we would renew our vows. I looked at him and said "I don't know maybe in 5 or 10 years?” He looked at me shocked and said “can't we do it every year?' Thus a new
tradition was born.

Jordan Rivers, I would marry you everyday if I could, I am in love with this new tradition you created with me. Here's to
a million more adventures, a million more water fall vows, and a million more memories.


Dear Jordan, my soulmate


To me a soulmate is not someone who completes you, a soulmate is someone who inspires you to complete yourself.


As your soulmate Jordan I will not judge you for your flaws, I see those jagged edges, the parts that have been weathered by life. I choose to stand beside you, with all those beautiful pieces. I have watched you confront your scars and will always encourage you to heal on your own time, in your own way. 


You Jordan, as my soulmate have loved me so purely and through that love I've learned to love myself. You've always seen my sparkle and encouraged me to let it shine. You've opened my eyes and shown me the best parts of myself. 


You have shown me I am enough just the way I am. You have loved me in a way I never thought was possible. 


As soulmates, we are not afraid of growth. We have never felt the need to close one another off, to keep each other from becoming however big we were meant to be. There will never be feelings of inadequacy when one of us soars, only unwavering support. That encouragement and love is our power. 


I promise you that I will never vilify you for changing, or evolving; for doing whatever you need to, to become yourself, in your truest form. I know you are building yourself into someone you are proud of, and I Jordan am so proud of you. 


Today I vow to continue to support your path and the path we are walking together. I vow to motivate you and forever encourage you to stretch yourself. 


I will always be by your side, today, tomorrow, and eternity. 


I love you Jordan with every piece of my being, forever and always, 


Promise, promise. 




To my love Lacey, 


I remember the first time I saw you; you were already the only one in my sight and my heart. From that very second, I knew what my life could be. 


Even though I could have never have dreamed a life like we now have, but what I saw in your eyes that day changed everything forever. I even remember taking extra breaks outside to hopefully even catch a wave, I even remember say to a certain person "I'd marry her right now!" 


Lacey, you have shown me what life really is and that dreams are real and together we can make them a reality. The confidence, never ending love and encouragement you endlessly give to not just me, but everyone is proof of this, even through the hardest days you are my peace and strength through everything. You are my place of peace, love and surrender, with you I can do anything, you are my biggest hero and the love of my life. 


Being here today is proof that dreams come true, you are my greatest gift and I promise to protect this love. As your biggest fan, love and husband, I promise to support and cherish every second with you. To be by your side through every adventure, every task, every dream, and to share those dreams every night. 


Lacey, I promise to love you as much as the first time I saw you, to dance to every song, to run down every trail and to keep you safe in my arms forever. 


I promise to always be the husband you deserve, to love, cherish and share every step of this life together, through every step from then to now. 


I love you lil one, forever. 

Lacey & Jordan 

"Be with someone who makes adventures out of late night trips to the grocery store. Be with someone who mindlessly reaches over for your hand while they drive. Be with someone who can't fall asleep without hearing your
sleepy 'goodnight. Be with someone who brightens your Monday and motivates you to do better. Be with someone who makes the stars seem to shine a little brighter."

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