Your baby will never look the same as they do in those first few hours. Having your birth photographed is the most vulnerable and powerful thing I get booked for and I HIGHLY encourage it. Even if you choose not to share the images they will be something you will cherish forever. Like a wedding day they cannot be repeated, everyone is different. A lot of women find going through their birth photos really helps fill in the blanks. They can be extremely empowering to see. 

If you book me for your birth I am on call for you 24/7, I add you into my phone as an emergency contact so you ring through even if it is 3 am. Don’t ever think you are burdening me, I LOVE being a part of births and I would be DEVASTATED to miss it. 


I did my birth doula training with DONA international so I do have some education around childbirth. I have always said if I wasn’t a photographer I would be a midwife, so doula training was the perfect compromise. Some of my clients have been worried they will be distracted with me there but I can confidently say no woman after birth has said that was true. You are in the zone, I am here to help and or be a fly on the wall. Whatever you need, I do. 


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